Top 5 Sherlock, Torchwood and Doctor Who Mash Up Tees


These cool mash ups combine Doctor Who, Torchwood and Sherlock.


I never thought about providing a list of these mash ups.


Well not until I actually saw them and  how popular they were. 


The three shows are some of my favourite TV shows (apart from that awful fourth series of Torchwood)


So sit back and enjoy my top 5 tees


3 Fandoms Tee 

by KitsuneDesigns
3 Fandoms Tee

Lots of references to the different series with of course the TARDIS taking centre stage.


Coats are Cool T-Shirt

by poisontao
Coats are Cool T-Shirt

All three heroes in their long coats.


SuperWhoLock Graffiti Wall T-Shirt

by Alexander Blake
SuperWhoLock Graffiti Wall T-Shirt

A very clever use of typography on this cool graffiti style t shirt.


Three Fandoms T-Shirt

by KitsuneDesigns
Three Fandoms T-Shirt

The main players in all three TV series all on one t shirt. What more can you ask for?


Keep Calm and Wear a Coat T-Shirt

by poisontao
Keep Calm and Wear a Coat T-Shirt

A cool twist on the classic Keep Calm poster


If you find anymore tees featuring these three cool TV shows on one design please leave a link in the comment below.


And please don't forget to share the feature and give the opportunity for more people to see these cool tees.



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