Top 5 Sarah Jane Adventures T Shirts



Top 5 Sarah Jane Adventures T Shirts

Doctor Who has produced a number of spin offs from its main series. One of the most successful spin offs features one of the most enduring companions from the Doctor Who Universe. I am talking about the awesome Sarah Jane Adventures starring the excellent Elizabeth Sladen. The Sarah Jane Adventures (SJA) have been compared to early Doctor Who in the style of stories in the series.
Sarah Jane appeared in Doctor Who from 1973 until 1976 along side the third doctor Jon Pertwee and the fourth doctor Tom Baker. Sarah later returned in the Five Doctors special which aired in 1983.
It wasn't until the tenth doctor episode School Reunion that Sarah Jane and K9 were reintroduced to viewers from the new era of Doctor who. It was due to the massive popularity of her appearance that led to the SJA.
The Sarah Jane Adventures tees
SJA has had massive success running for 4 series, sadly cut short by the untimely death of its star Elizabeth Sladen. A fifth series was half way through filming before Elizabeth death. Three two part stories were completed and aired on the BBC.
SJA was actually the second spinoffFrom Doctor Who featuring Elizabeth Sladen, the first was a one off programme which was a pilot for a possible tv series called K9 And Company. The pilot was first aired in 1981 but a series was never commissioned.
Both Matt Smith and David Tennant have appeared in the series and critics have given it positive reviews.
The characters from the show have also featured in Doctor Who including the super computer MR Smith in the tenth doctor episode Stolen Earth along with the Torchwood crew,
Elizabeth Sladen died 19th April 2011 after she lost her battle with cancer. It was a testament to Elizabeth's talent and hard work that the character of Sarah Jane became arguably one of the most popular companions from both old and new who and this popularity transcended generations.
Here are my top 5 Sarah Jane Adventures T Shirts. I hope you like them. Please let me know what you think and if there are any Sarah Jane Adventures T Shirts you would like to see in the list.

Sarah Jane T-Shirts

by Zero Briant
Sarah Jane Smith t shirt
A cool design in memory of Sarah JaneSmith

AI! T-Shirt

by Pauly Childs
AI t shirt
Where would Sarah be without MR Smith?

MR Smith I Need You T-Shirt

Mr Smith I need you t shirt
The super computer takes centre stage in the Sarah Jane adventures

Smith. Sarah Jane T-Shirt

by Ideedo
SMITH. Sarah Jane Smith t shirt
A cool inpretation of the classic SJA pose.

Sarah Jane Smith I Need You T-Shirt

By Ofthebaltic
Mr. Smith I Need You t shirt
A cool design inspired by the classic Keep Calm posters.


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