Top 20 Torchwood T Shirts


Torchwood, the popular sci-fi series that was spun off from the massively popular  Doctor Who.

With its adult themes, this was a different kind of series from the Doctor Who universe.
At the time of writing this, there have been a total of four series so far.
With the first series widely regarded at patchy at best, I feel it didn't really take off until the second series.
With the main protagonists John Barrowman and Eva Myles. The series was in its stride and tackled some serious issues.
Now the third series is widely regarded as the strongest, with massive ratings in the UK, this brought Torchwood to the masses.One of my favourite series ever!
Now onto the fourth series, I will have to reserve judgement on this series as I have still not watched it all. Having watched a couple of episodes, I didn't really like it with its setting now moved to the USA. I think I will have to complete the series very soon.

The Torchwood Institute was founded in 1879 by Queen Victoria, after the events in the Doctor Who episode Tooth & Claw

Its prime directive is to defend Earth against extraterrestrial threats.

It is later revealed in the Doctor Who episode Army Of Ghosts that the Torchwood Institute had begun to use their findings to restore the British Empire to its former glory

I had a lot if difficulty finding enough good quality designs for this feature as Torchwood but I have tried my best to bring you 20 of the very best Torchwood designs.


Enough of the babbling!


Here Are My Top 20 Torchwood T Shirts.

if you feel a design could be add, please add the link to the comments section at the end.


And please do share these lists as they do take some time for me to compile. So give all the Torchwood fans out there a chance to have a look at the list. :)


20. Jack Harkness Hypervodka T-Shirt

Jack Harkness Hypervodka SHIRTS

A cool design from Rob Wood to kick off this list of Torchwood tees.


19. Torchwood Rugby Club T-Shirt

Torchwood Rugby Club SHIRTS

Designed by A J Paglia. A reference to some of the jokes aimed at Captain Jack in Torchwood about Rugby.


18. Torchwood Bowling Team T-Shirt



So this is what the gang get up to when not saving the Earth.


17. Torchwood TV Show T Shirt

Torchwood Tv Show T Shirt

All the regulars from the Torchwood gang on one t shirt and as an added bonus you get the logo as well.


16. He Always Cheats T-Shirt

He Always Cheats SHIRTS

This tee designed by Deardon design, it not an obvious Torchwood tee unless you are already familiar with the show 


15. Torchwood T Shirt


This t shirt tells you all you need to know about this cool sci fi show. 


14.Take Retcon T-Shirt

by ofthebaltic
Take Retcon SHIRTS

Torchwood take on the keep calm type of tee.


13. Torchwood T Shirt

Torchwood T-ShirtS TEES

An officially licenced tee featuring the Torchwood team


12. Tigger Harkness 2 T-Shirt

by cubik
Tigger Harkness 2 TEES

Another version of the Tigger, Captain Jack mash up


11. Jack Harkness Logo T-Shirt

by Bloodysender
Jack Harkness logo SHIRTS

A logo that looks remarkably like a certain drink.


10. Tigger Harkness T-Shirts

by cubik
Tigger Harkness SHIRTS

Here is Tigger dressed as Captain Jack


9. Outside the Government Beyond the Police T-Shirt

by oftheba
Outside the Government Beyond the Police SHIRTS

The Torchwood symbol looks pretty cool.


8. Torchwood T-Shirt

by punkypeggy

Another cool interpretation of the Torchwood logo.



by thischarmingfan

I love the Torchwood version of the Keep Calm Poster.


6. Torchwood – Lanto's Coffee T-Shirt

by starkat
Torchwood - Ianto's coffee SHIRTS

Here is Ianto's love for coffee!


5. Captain Harkness T-Shirts

by Anthony Pipitone
Captain Harkness TEES SHIRTS

Another cool tee featuring Captain Jack in an arrogant pose?


4. Torchwood – The Team T-Shirt

by Steelbound
Torchwood - The Team SHIRTS

Here is a cool tee featuring the original Torchwood team from the first two series. I like the monochrome look of this t shirt.


3. Torchwood Saturday Evening Post T-Shirt

by Jesse Rubenfeld
Torchwood Saturday Evening Post SHIRTS

A excellent piece of artwork featuring three of the principle characters from Torchwood. Looks like Captain Jack has got his hands full.


2. Oh Captain, My Captain! T-Shirt

by Mike Rieger
Oh Captain, My Captain SHIRTS

I really like this interpretation of Mr Jack Harkness.


1. I Heart Torchwood

I heart TW design T Shirt

I have not really featured many tees from Zazzle, this one says it all about what I think of Torchwood.


Don't forget to let me know what you think and what tees you would like to see added in the comments below.




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